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Researching shame is an inherently complex endeavor. Our team brings expertise in academic philosophy, qualitative and quantitative methodologies, educational psychology, and clinical practice. These skills help us delve deeply into the nature, prevalence, and impacts of shame to better understand and address its role in professional practice and education.

Our Research Programs

Shame in medical learners

Much of our empiric work to-date has explored shame in medical learners (e.g., residents, medical students, and pre-medical students). This work has provided deep insights into the nature and complexity of shame in both professional learners and professional settings, and it serves as an ideal foundation for expanded research about shame in professional settings.

Understanding shame engagement in medical learners

In this qualitative research study, we examine how medical trainees engage with their shame. This study alerts us to strategies, affordances, and facilitators/barriers to constructive shame engagement. 

Measuring shame exposure in medical learners

In this quantitative research program, we utilize a novel survey instrument we developed and validated to measure shame exposure (or frequency of shame feelings) in medical learners.

Advancing shame competency in residency education

In this applied project, we research the feasibility and impact of implementing our Shame Competence training in general surgery and obstetrics & gynecology residency programs. 

Developing a shame competent city

(description coming soon) 

Shame competent domestic abuse response

(description coming soon)

Shame in social services